February 15th, 2019

Возвращение челночной дипломатии

Возвращение челночной дипломатии
Trade union "SPECPROF", is working

Президент межрегионального профсоюза «СПЕЦПРОФ» Stanislav Chumakov обратился с письмом к президенту Филиппин Родриго Дутерте с требованием гарантий безопасности для генерального секретаря АСТ, Раймонду Басилио (лидеру профсоюза работников образования), подвергающегося угрозам убийства за его профессиональную деятельность.

President Rodrig Duterte

Mr. President,
I am writing to you to denounce the death threats received by the General Secretary of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), Raymond Basilio, and to express my deepest concerns about the unlawful profiling of ACT members by the authorities. Mr. Basilio received death threats on his personal mobile phone during an ACT press conference on 11 January 2019, at which ACT denounced the constant harassment and threats faced by its members and leaders. I urge the Government of the Philippines to:
Ensure the security of Mr. Basilio and protect him and other ACT leaders and members against threats, harassment and other acts of discrimination;
Carry out independent investigations on the death threats against Mr. Basilio and on the profiling of ACT members and its officers by the PNP; and prosecute those responsible;
Ensure that the privacy of ACT members is respected and that any data collected illegally is destroyed.

Yours sincerely

President of the trade union
Stanislav Chumakov