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4. Rostov-on-Don. Bank claims USD 35,000,000 and RUR 10,000,000 from journalist.

By Anna Lebedeva,
GDF staff correspondent in Southern Federal District

The Rostov court of arbitration has accepted for scrutiny a business reputation protection claim filed by the Tsentr-Invest commercial bank against the prominent Rostov-based journalist Sergey Reznik. The bank wants USD 35,000,000 from him in compensation for the circulation by the newspaper Priazovsky Krai of "libelous" information about the regional prosecutor's office considering the prospect of instituting criminal proceedings against the bank's board chairman, the announcement of mass layoffs and the gradual departure of the bank's partners.

"Those allegations are totally false; it is a provocation damaging the bank's good name and business reputation and inflicting financial losses on it," the legal claim says.

According to Tsentr-Invest press spokesman Alexander Gorchakov, the fantastic amount of claimed compensation is justified, in the eyes of the bank management, by the grave damage the underlying publications have caused to the bank's reputation.

Apart from the dollar-denominated indemnity, Tsentr-Invest claims RUR 10,000,000 in compensation for the moral damage allegedly inflicted on one of the bank's head-managers. Preliminary hearings of the claim are due to open on April 27.


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